Private Human Views

For all those people who know me and did not up until now know that I am a transvestite: Yes, Elli Hunter, that s me. Being Elli is a part of me and I am not ashamed for it. This is the feminine side of me that I live. Do not forget that this is the same human, the same person you know. I understand myself a splash of colour in the grey drabness of everyday life. I simply enjoy the metamorphosis that my role and life as a woman brings. Who wouldn t like to slip out of their skin once in a while and be someone else? So this is simply the solution I have found for myself. So please don t talk about me behind my back. Ask me directly. You should have that much courage. Society has dictated what we should wear, perhaps I simply don t want to follow these rules. I often think, if my presence and my actions are your biggest concern, then we ve solved the world s problems. Maybe I should better have been born a woman. But this is an issue I cannot and will not change. You believe not to know any transvestites. But many transvestites know you.

Don t dream your life, live your dream

At some point, I made Elli into my profession and did what so many people dream of: I combined my passion, dedication, professional and private life. So, yes, I am grateful and I want take the opportunity to thank all the people who live with and around me ant who have shown me so much tolerance.

Sometimes, I also get the impression, not a few of the sour looks I get are in fact a little envious. Why? Our stay on this wonderful earth is not all that long. What are 80 years? 3 weeks after the final nail has been driven into our coffin, aside from a few close relations, no one is going to think about us anymore. And you want me to live 60 years according to the expectations of others? No I will not do this. I will live my life. I would rather die standing tall than live on my knees.

At the same time, I do not wish to bother others, so I will not impose myself on others.

Who are you really?

A relatively quiet person who prefers to spend quality time at home with my guitar, rather than go to parties. Someone who listens to Ludwig Hirsch, because he is so beautifully melancholy. Someone who enjoys talking to his dog but prefers not to comment on pseudo problems. Someone who is no longer afraid of life, other than being afraid to waste a precious second of it. Someone who asks himself could this have been it all?

Have you lived today?

Even if this may sound like a cliché, being on the way from A to B should make us thoughtful when we consider how limited our time is for the journey.

A 85 year old man, who knew he was dying, once said:

if I were to life my life a second time, I would make more mistakes; I would try not to want to be so dreadfully perfect; I would relax more often and not take things so seriously; I would be more boisterous, more crazy; I wouldn t worry so much about my looks; I would travel more, climb more mountains, cross more rivers, watch more sunsets and eat more ice cream, then I would truly have more real challenges rather than imagined ones. I would walk barefoot earlier in spring and later in autumn, I would smell more flowers, hug more children and tell more people that I love them. I I could live my life a second time. But I don t.