1000 Faces

"1000 Faces" is a pure photo-shoot power program perfect for all those who wish to experiment with different styles and make the most of our huge wardrobe and pool of accessories. The basic program is set at fife hours with four sets of photo and can be extended up to a max of 6- 8 hours, including six sets of photo.

3 Themes - 1000 possibilities

You can choose between three different outfit genres:
"Classic" for € 109,- per series and / or "fetish" for € 129 - per series and / or "latex" for € 169,- per series.

How many classics, and latex fetish series you want to make is entirely up to you. You can combine all arbitrary.

6 series, 8 hours, about 60-90 edited photos, € 684,-

1st Serie: "Classic" with a breezy denim mini
2nd Serie: "Classic" with a short dirndl
3rd Serie: "Classic" with an elegant evening gown
4th Serie: "Fetish" lacquer dress with velvet dominatrix gear
5th Serie: "Fetish" with maid's dresses and photo bondage
6th Serie: "Latex" with latex dress and latex corset

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You can come as a man and need to bring anything. We lend you all: wigs, shoes , clothes and accessories for any style. Our enormous wardrobe includes any size, also to XXXL. Of course you can also bring your own clothes.
Image processing or optimization means simple tonal, contrast and - if necessary - removing coarse skin blemishes such as pimples or prominent scars. Photos are therefore not retouched Special retouching and composing work on request.

If you come with your wife / girlfriend accompanied by want, this is free of charge.

Of course, a partner shoot with your wife/girlfriend is possible. (Style as desired)
For an extra charge of € 100,- (includes makeup and borrowing of clothes, shoes, accessories) we use you as a couple in the scene - the perfect alternative to wedding photos, YOU finally allowed to wear the wedding dress ;-)
Photos of previous partner shoots can be found here

Monday - Friday
Saturday with 40% surcharge
Sunday and public holidays with 50% surcharge

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