In our studio, you can also buy the make-up products that I use to do your make up and are necessary for that perfect look: from camouflage through cake eyeliner to sable-brushes brush. I can also offer you a personal make-up kit customised to fit you.

I use almost exclusively products by the Kryolan or Derma Color brands (Derma Color belongs to Kryolan brand and is particularly suitable for people with skin disorders). Kryolan is used by artists in theatre productions, film and television and is used worldwide by make-up artists.

The special feature of Kryolan make-up is its much higher pigment content than conventional make-ups, and thus has far superior covering properties. This is particularly important for hiding the beard shadow. Kryolan make-up is very skin friendly, goes a very long way and – a little known fact – cheaper than standard make-up from the drugstore.

Make-Up Sets: we offer individual make-up sets for beginner (€ 70,-) advanced learner (€ 140,-) and profsessionals (€ 180,-)