Preliminary Information

We will lend you EVERYTHING
You can come as a man and don’t need to bring anything. We lend you anything and everything: wigs, shoes, clothes and accessories for any style. Our enormous wardrobe includes any size, including XXXL. Of course you can also bring your own clothes.

Unlike other transgender services you can wear whatever YOU want. We are free and generous with our advice. We will not force you into anything.

Image processing

We take photos with high-performance softboxes (professional studio strobe lights). These produce an even complexion and ideal illumination. At the same time, softboxes "swallow" a lot of colour and contrast, so this must be digitally compensated for. Don’t worry, this is quite normal.

Image processing or optimization simply means digital enhancement of tone, contrast and - if necessary – optimising more dominant skin blemishes such as spots or prominent scars. Photos are therefore not retouched. Of course we can perform special retouching and composition work on request.

yes, it's the same person ;)

For Example: Tom photographed with a normal flash, Elli photographed with softboxes , Elli optimised digitally:

You want something to eat during your photoshoot? Get a brunch!

Please tell me what you prefer:

"Brunch deluxe" with salmon, ciabatta, butter and prosecco for €29,90
"Bavarian brunch" with typical white sausage, sweet mustard, bread and Bavarian wheat beer for € 19,90
"Mediterran antipasti" with ham, olives, cheese and a sunny glas of wine for €19,90
"Sweet afternoon" with a piece of cake, fruit tea or coffee for € 9,90