About us

Elli Hunter

Transparency and authenticity are important. Therefore, we would like to introduce the team to you here.

You should know who is behind Frau-Sein.de, learn what motivates us and see that we are normal people-well, almost normal ;-)


Without wanting to write a whole biography, I would like to explain my motives. Since childhood, I have known that I am transvestite. There was a lot of self-loathing involved, and senseless attempts to get rid "it", until I started to accept the "feminine" side of me, and integrate it"into my life.

There was no one with whom I could speak openly. There were hundreds of under-exposed selfies and no one who could show me how to make-up myself into a convincing woman.

I went in circles for years, always revolving between the mirror, my mental image of myself, and the reflected reality which was often very sobering. After almost 12 years, I dared got out for an ordinary evening. Alone, plagued by fears and the nagging question "will they all notice that I am not a woman?"

Today, there is hardly anything that I have not done en femme, my issues are resolved and for it I am a more balanced person. In 2002, I made this part of my personality into a career. In 2004, I registered the name "Elli Hunter" as an official artist s name.

Date of birth: 4th of January 1965
Height: 170 cm
Interests: photography,, cart racing, reading, cycling, walking and hiking


They call me "General Manager". Because I like to get in the way, I'm the board of directors and because I'm so good at "sitting" they can also call me chairman

I'm Elliot and I belong to Pia and Elli in equal parts. I am an Elo. A what? Yes, an Elo.

That's a cross-breed of Eurasian, Bobtail and Chow-Chow. I belong to the only race that is bred for character and health, instead of colour and markings. I'm totally lovable, cheeky and smart. However, so called typical Elo characteristics such as barks little , quiet or enjoys exercise have yet to develop.

Date of Birth: 9th of September 2012
Size: about 50cm shoulder height
Interests: ball games, chewing goodies, extensive tummy-rubs, long walks and getting pictures taken.

I will work as a photo-model in exchange for goodies. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that I will always look into the camera because sometimes I forget my own name :-P