Huge Wardrobe

40 square meters wardrobe

There is something for everyone:
Adazzling array of everyday clothes, business suits, elegant evening gowns, Bavarian Dirndls, gothic, sequined, bridal and huge crinoline dresses.
Furthermore, we featuremaids-, sissy-, schoolgirl-, governess- (mistress-) and cosplay outfits, in addition to numerous vinyl, leather and latex clothes.

We offer clothing sizes 36 to 60 (German sizes) and about 400 pairs of shoes in any style (German size) size 36 to 52. On top of this, we have over 50 corsets: waist, under-bust, half-bust, under bust and over-bust corsets in satin, velvet, jacquard, vinyl, leather and latex in sizes 36 to 54, as well asn eck corsets.

Here you can get a glimpse of our diverse wardrobe:

Selection from a total of 400 pairs of shoes from size 36 - 52

Breasts and paddings for a feminine silhouette

Of course, To perfect the womanly look, breasts, hip wideningand derriereenlargement should not be ignored. We have high quality silicone breasts in cup sizes A-D from major manufacturers such as Amoena or BMA. Hip pads of silicone, soft hip pads or cushions orcomplete drawersconjure up a wonderfully feminine silhouette.

Those of you who havea large (or larger) chest can rejoice: this is a great opportunityto push-up an impressive cleavage and can even be boostedby a few clever make-up tricks.

No, I have no silicone in my breasts :-)