Procedure & Payment

How does it all work?

Easiest to explain with an example ( program "your day" ) here:

You've found our Tranity Fair page and seen the offer "your day". You would like to spend a wonderful day as a woman and have beautiful pictures of yourself. The clear advantage of good pictures is that you can easily get into communities and can show how good you look as a woman. Elli’s pictures are all the rage and well known. On top of this, all my guests are ‘real people’, credible and authentic. So becoming a member of the Girls Elli Hunter community is a real advantage.

Suppose the program "Your Day" meets most of your requirements. Now the question is: what & when do I do ? Look for 2-3 dates that suit you. Remember to keep an alternative open should your preferred date be booked up already. You need to travel almost 330km to Sontheim, so perhaps you need accommodation for the night? Write me email at, detailing your ideas and desires.

You would like to try out make-up and wigs, have photos taken in various clothes, from everyday outfit through cocktail-gown and some pictures in fetish dress. Normally, I will reply via e-mail within 2-3 days. I will confirm your desired date together with a booking confirmation form detailing your request, the costs and an identy-code for our transaction. You mail the filled-out booking confirmation form back to me.

There are 2 basic options that I offer:

1st Variant: You give me your real name, address and telephone number so that your booking confirmation form is legally correct. In this variant you pay a 65% deposit, which should be transferred within 8 days of your returning your filled-out booking confirmation form to me at The booking confirmation form specifies the total costs, the deposit along with our bank details and the identy-code to confirm our transaction. Make sure to put this in your bank transfers.

2nd Variant: You wish to remain completely anonymous. In this variant, you pay the total fee up front, which should be transferred within 8 days of your returning your filled-out booking confirmation form to me at The booking confirmation form specifies the total costs along with our bank details and the identy-code to confirm our transaction. Make sure to put this in your bank transfers.

If I have received your down payment within 8 days of your booking confirmation, I will send you a binding confirmation, authenticating your desired date and services.

On the confirmed date, you come to our location at the appointed time. In most cases, this is 10:00am.

Most newcomers are a little nervous in the beginning. This is quite normal. We will start off with a little casual conversation about the day’s program to ease your way and to get to know each a bit. As I mentioned, you will be dealing with Elli Hunter, visually, a person who is transgender just like you (as opposed to dealing with a man who is just doing a job). Being a woman is a part of my life. Talk to me! I'm a transvestite and I have had so many guests in the past few years, that there are no subject-matters or issues I do not know.

But enough for now, we will clarify the rest in our conversation :-)

Why an up-front deposit?
It happens now and then that I get stood up. A guest has a sudden attack of anxiety and simply does not show up to our arranged date. So, I require a deposit.
I make an existance from "Tranity Fair" and the confirmation of our date is a contract.

Just a few questions and answers:

What if a really serious issue comes up on short notice, say 1-2 days in advance, and I cannot make it to our appointment?
There are such things as accidents, illness, the unforeseen. In this case, please just give me a call and let me know (+49/8336-81232). Speak to me, I’m human, we will find a solution or an alternate date. But please give me reasons and not excuses. If you buy a concert ticket, and 1-2 days in advance, you decide not to go, you will not get a refund either, and the show will take place without you. Same thing if you book a holiday. There are many examples.

So what happens if I decide not to show up without notice, because my courage failed me or I decided, it was not so important?
The up-front deposit becomes a cancellation fee, and as per our general terms and conditions, outstanding fees are claimed additionally.

What about the time references given in the pricelists or in the offered programs?
These are minimum times. It is highly recommended to bring lots of time, as I am not someone who constantly watches the clock. I like to take time for my guests, after all, I want them to enjoy themselves and have a wonderful time.

Who will be there when I visit you?
Apart from my dear dog Elliot, there will be just the two of us. On weekends, my grislfriend Pia will be here. Since I place great value in individual attendance, discretion and exclusivity, I usually refuse to host more than one guest at the time. Unless of course, you implicitly wish to have a partner photo-shoot with your spouse, significant other, or a trans-girlfriend. I would like you to feel at ease. You should feel free to speak your mind and try new things, unencumbered by every-day life. I would like to give you the opportunity to ask questions which concern you freely.

Can I bring my spouse / girlfriend?
No problem. However, you should only bring someone with whom you live in a close relationship. Except you ill make a shooting together with a t-girl friend. Should you wish to bring a close friend, go right ahead, but please let me know in advance.

Are there trans-friendly accommodations should I require to stay overnight?
Yes, by all means. However, the precondition is absolute sincere and reputable behaviour. The names and address of the hotels, B&Bs and pensions we give you are sound and reputable without exception. Please handle the booking yourself, as we cannot do that for you.