Learn Make-Up

Personal workshop only for you

You can learn making yourself up (with or without a photo shoot) in our offered program “your day”, "early bird" and "after work"

"... I would love to go out as a woman, but I don t know how to do my make-up."

I very often get mails like this. I know from my own experience, that the only way to move and feel self-confident in public is if my exterior is credible and realistic. This is why we offer to teach you how to do your own make-up in a reputable environment, in our very own professional make-up studio. We work with an optimal cold light illumination required to guarantee a perfect make-up. Whether as a crash course or patient, step by step skill building we offer you your completely individual, individualised make-up course, the training customised to fit you.

Special make-up techniques for special women

Photo make-up differs strongly from your ‘every day’ make-up. And transgender make-up differs to an even larger degree from women’s’ make-up. There is an enormous difference between making up a woman or making up a man to be a woman. Even for a young man, it is not possible to put on make-up in under 40 minutes and make a credible woman of him. Since most cosmeticians are never confronted with such a challenge, they lack the required experience in this particular field and the results are often disillusioning.

I have been applying make-up to myself for a number of years. I am a well-qualified make-up artist, and in the past 10 years I have the opportunity to put on make-up on hundreds of transgender people of all ages. I intuitively know what to pronounce and what to ‘make-over’ in the male face. The male face requires plastic emphasis to achieve more feminine features. Many techniques I use originate from the stage (for example letting eyebrows disappear temporarily).

In my studio, you will learn:

- Simple but very efficient techniques of applying make-up
- Plastic make-up to achieve more feminine facial contours and reducing the recognition factor
- Letting eyebrows disappear temporarily
- Temporary facelift to hide lines (don’t worry, not visible after make-up removal)
- Make-up for the occasion – from ‘every day’ to ‘dress to kill’
- Anatomic differences between men and women, and what you need to look out for
- Customised and individual advice (dense eyebrows, thin lips, broad nose, circles around the eyes)
- Handling the make-up tools (different brushes, sponges, etc.)
- Emergency make-up aid

Learn individual make-up steps - for example party make-up: