Why Tranityfair?


It goes without saying, that such a specialized and delicate attendance as a transgender service is personal. No one wants to be called up by a waiting ticket to get their make-up done and photos taken. No one wants to share this very important (and possibly first) moment as a woman with other guests. To provide a personal atmosphere and guarantee you my 100% attention, appointments are only ever made with one person at “Frau-Sein.de”.

But personal means even more. Each guest is served by Elli Hunter for the entire day / appointment. You are going to be made up, styled and photographed by me. You can talk to me. Maybe you would like to speak to me about your feelings as transgender (as a woman) without distraction and in absolute discretion. The decisive point is: I understand you.


I am a transgender. I have lived my woman-being for 30 years now, and today, thanks to my job, I can do it every day. Since the founding of “Frau-Sein.de” in 2002, I have met hundreds, if not thousands, of all transgender types ( transvestites, cross dressers, transsexuals). I know their fears, concerns and preferences – many from personal experience.

I too started with carnival wigs, my mother´s clothes, and awful make-up. I too undertook senseless attempts to be rid of it, even thought I was transsexual. I went in circles in my mind for years – always between a unachievable idea and reality. A very sobering experience. And also I had a woman, who tried to understand the topic transgender or transvestism. Many of my guests were faced with these conditions, or are still making their way, so we all have a similar biography.

I am no Psychologist, Psychiatrists or a Psychotherapist. But through of my job, I know many transgenders and I can empathize better for being a transgender myself. So I can stand by your side professionally and authentically. I can also give you first hand advice on topics like outing and help you when you are going through it yourself. You don´t have to explain or justify yourself to me. I don’t wish to psychoanalyze much less ‘cure’ you. I would like to show you and let you experience your special kernel, beautiful as a woman.


Passion stands for authenticity. “Frau-Sein.de” is not just my job, it’s my life! I´m not a vegetarian butcher who tries to understand his clients – I am like my guests, and they can identify with me. It was always my dream to turn my passion into a career, to work as woman in the arts of makeup and photography, and I love to make special people happy with my work. Passion for “Tranity Fair” is not just my destiny, but also that of my girlfriend Pia. Although she is a woman, and never completely understands us, she always is enchanted with the Elli-Girls.


I offer you the full service: make-up, styling, outdoor photography, workshops, consultations and events – all from single source. You have the choice of five different programs. You can have studio photos and outdoor shots, go for a walk with me “en femme”, go shopping, take tea (or coffee) in a respectable establishment, or take a completely customised and unique make-up course for yourself. Furthermore, you also can visit one of my event style makeup seminars. Twice a year in my studio I offer two days with up to twelve participants of hugely entertaining learning experiences. On top of all this, you have the opportunity to take advantage of my storage service where I take care of your transgender gear, or you can buy high quality wigs and professional makeup at excellent value for money.


Tranity Fair - the transgender service with the world’s most versatile equipment. And that´s not just a brave and hubris presumption, it’s a fact. Many of my guests have tried other transgender services – in Germany and internationally (England, Netherlands, USA, Australia etc.). So I know that I have much more to offer: my equipment, wigs, props and decorations, and of course loads of clothes and shoes (also available in XXXL plus sizes). If you so desire, I also have a large selection of fetish-wear (lacquer and latex - reputable aesthetic photos only). My 140 square meter studio is equipped with professional camera equipment and all the gadgetry required. For example I have a Nikon D800 with the incredible resolution of 36.9 megapixels.


It´s like a Monet, Klimt or Schiele: you will Immediately recognize the typical style and quality of Elli Hunter pictures. My make-up’s personal and distinctive style expresses itself in the art of transition from man to woman ;-)